Pre-Season HVAC Maintenance Tips to Avoid Unscheduled Air Conditioning Repair


Without proper inspection and maintenance, air conditioning units will wear out and suddenly break down. Public health departments and health care staff recommend homeowners to be mindful of the cleanliness and functionality of their air conditioners because unclean air and related unit issues may lead to health problems. In particular, air conditioning units with dirty filters may trigger asthma attacks while clogged or leaking pipes may contribute to carbon dioxide poisoning and legionnaire’s disease. Learn more about pre-season maintenance tips for your HVAC systems in order to decrease the chances and costs of air conditioning repair.

The Importance and Practicality of Pre-Season Check-ups

Proper maintenance can reduce future problems as well as unnecessary repair or replacement costs. Energy Star suggests hiring an HVAC professional who will conduct an annual pre-season assessment. Contractors are frequently busy during the summer and winter times when air conditioning units are most likely to break down and require repairs; thus, it’s best to have your air conditioners checked during spring or pre-season while you do not need to use it yet. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2oPtrGI


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