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Having a Healthy Lifestyle with the Right Heating System

Winter weather in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the surrounding area, shows a December average of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, January at 57 degrees, and February at 61 degrees. This emphasizes the need to have a good temperature control and heating system installed if you live in this area.

HVAC systems vary, which make it important to have one that will produce a temperature that is comfortable and consistent. This emphasizes the necessity of being certain that the HVAC specialist you select is knowledgeable and can provide you with equipment that will fit your property arrangement well.

Heat is especially important when there are young children, elderly, or handicapped people in a home. An underheated home can encourage a decline in health with the manifestation of illnesses such as colds, sniffles, chills, and respiratory problems. When the temperature is set at the correct range, you can be certain that all precautions have been taken to maintain an atmosphere that will not only be comfortable but healthy as well. The World Health Organization states, “Energy-efficient homes and home heating systems can generate multiple health benefits directly and indirectly”.

An improper temperature control system can also encourage the growth of mold and bacteria through dampness. Mold can cause itching eyes, sneezing, coughing, allergic reactions, and other problems. Regardless of how clean your home may be, if there is unnecessary moisture in the system, mold might eventually grow in the unit.

In addition to creature comforts, the correct system will also allow for a good night’s sleep. The bedroom temperature should never be lower than your body’s set temperature, so you can achieve the maximum benefits of a thermoregulated and peaceful slumber. This makes it extremely important to be sure the right temperature system is properly installed.


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