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Advantages of Using a Heat Pump to Warm Your House

In mild climates like Myrtle Beach, SC, you have a few options when it comes to heating your home during the winter months. A gas furnace is a great option because of its efficiency and durability, but then you will also need a separate central air conditioning system. If you do not want to have to deal with two separate systems, a heat pump may be the answer to your needs.


Heat pumps are multi-functional. During the wintertime, they convert heat from the outdoors into heat for your home. They actually pump the heat into your house, through the air handler and into your living spaces. In the summertime, the system pumps out the extra heat from inside your house and dissipates it to the outdoors. This keeps your home cool. The system does all of this without the need for two separate pieces of equipment.


Many people feel that the heat made by a heat pump is cleaner and more comfortable than the heat supplied by a gas or oil furnace. The heat pump keeps your home’s air at a relatively constant humidity level, so there is less static electricity in the winter. Heat pumps run on electricity, so there are no greasy by-products of combustion entering your air vents and getting into the air you breathe.


Another advantage of a heat pump is that there is no risk of a gas leak. An improperly maintained gas furnace presents a risk of carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks. There is also no flame or fire within a heat pump. The heat pump has its own circuit in your home’s electrical panel.



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