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The Most Common Causes of Heating Malfunction You Have to Avoid

Your home’s heating system is an essential part of your home, especially when the cold months come around. Before winter sets in, make sure your heater is functioning properly and avoid doing things that can cause it to act up or fail. Here are six things that can cause your heater to malfunction.

Lack of Maintenance

Heating systems are expensive, and you don’t want your hard-earned money going down the drain just because your heater breaks down often. Improper maintenance of your heater can cause unexpected breakdowns, poor performance, and increased utility bills.

Clogged Filters

Heater filters need to be replaced on a monthly basis. Proper placement of these filters will improve the longevity of the heater system and improve its performance. Clogged filters are dirty and may obstruct airflow, requiring the heater to work harder and consume more energy.

Non-Heating Heater

Thermostat problems could cause a heater to stop heating completely or experience other issues with the pilot light and power sources. A heater that does not perform its primary function should be replaced before it causes your bills to inflate.

Strange Noises

Your heater should not make weird noises. Normally, a heater will only make sounds like rumbling, squeaking, and sometimes bubbling or gurgling. If you hear something else, which gets louder and louder every day, then it’s time to call in a repair person to check it out.

Not Enough Heat

Your heater may be working, but not as efficiently as it should. Blocked or clogged filters could result in a heater that does not produce enough heat, or the heater could be the incorrect size for the space you are trying to heat.

Normal Wear and Tear

As a heater ages, it will sustain normal wear and tear. This kind of damage may cause a heating system to overheat, resulting in major airflow problems.

A heating system can experience many issues for various reasons, but the risk can be minimized by having it maintained at least twice per year. Heating system maintenance is best performed once during the spring and again during the fall.


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