Ways to Improve the Ventilation around Your Home’s Heating System

Gas furnaces use a flame to burn gas and convert the energy into heat. A clean and properly maintained gas furnace releases a small amount of carbon monoxide through its vents and dissipates it to the outdoors, where it is diluted into the environment. A dirty furnace may release large amounts of the toxic gas, which presents a safety hazard.

These tips will help you to improve the ventilation around your home’s natural gas furnace.

Replace the Air Filter
Replacing the air filter is the simplest step in maintaining a clean furnace. The particles collected by the filter eventually clog its pores. After one to two months, the pores become filled. This causes the particles to settle out into the furnace’s burning chamber. The accumulation causes the heating system to become dirty. Replacing the air filter is an inexpensive way to avoid the cost of cleaning the furnace.

Remove Clutter
Avoid storing boxes or other items near your furnace or air blower. The equipment needs a clear 4 to 10 foot radius on all sides so it can pull in fresh air for proper gas combustion. Keep all of the air vents open and vacuum them regularly to remove dust and dirt that sticks to the vent’s slats. Outside of your home, keep vegetation trimmed back away from the exterior flue vent opening of your furnace.

Annual Cleaning and Inspection
An annual professional cleaning and inspection of your heating system is critical for maintaining proper ventilation. The furnace technician will remove grime and buildup from within the furnace. The technician will also check the vents and motors to make sure they are in proper working order and not obstructed in any way.

Gas Furnace Safety, ahrinet.org



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