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4 Reasons to Upgrade from a Window Unit Air Conditioning System Now

Window air conditioning units can be effective for cooling small areas like a single room. If you have one for nearly every window in your home in Myrtle Beach, however, or you’re seeing utility bills climbing like the temperature, it may be time to consider upgrading to a whole house AC or an HVAC system.

More Even Cooling

A whole house air conditioning system is designed to distribute cool air fairly evenly. This is something that can’t be done easily with the condenser, evaporator, thermostat, and fans found in window units, no matter how many you own.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Central air conditioning parts and components tend to operate more efficiently than what was available even a decade ago. The periods when a window unit is only on fan create ongoing temperature fluctuations. With a central AC, temperatures remain consistently steady.

Fewer Maintenance Issues

Any air conditioning system is going to need attention now and then, but window units tend to need more repairs since there are fewer parts that have to work fairly frequently. It’s also rare that you’ll need to replace an entire air conditioning system.

Longer Operating Life

A well-maintained central AC or HVAC system is likely to last for many years with only a few upgrades or repairs needed now and then. Window units generally last for about 8-10 years; and even if units are still working after a decade, efficiency will have declined significantly.

Take time to gather information about the different whole house systems available. You don’t have to go with an HVAC system if your main priority is AC, but it’s something worth considering.


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