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Heating Options for Your Home: Four Different Types of Heat Pumps

When choosing the best heating option, consider the workload so you can make an informed decision. There are many types of heat pumps on the market. Here’s a rundown on the four kinds of heat pumps.

Ductless & Mini Split Heat Pumps

The mini split heat pump is one of the most exciting new technologies in the industry. It is the leading product in terms of green energy solutions and efficiency which is why it is worth considering, especially for homeowners who want to cut down on heating costs.

Window Heat Pumps

Most manufacturers include several useful features in their window heat pump models. You will need to consider each if you are shopping on a budget. These units would probably be the best choice for houses that requires a heating temperature of below 30°F.


 Ground Source, Water Source, Air source

Many heat pumps on the market today fall into three categories: ground source, water source and air source.Water source is the next most common type of heat pump followed by air source particularly in residential settings. The difference between the two lies in the medium of exchange. As you probably would have guessed, water source uses water or other fluids like glycol as a medium while air source uses surrounding air manipulated by a built-in fan.

Solar Heat Pumps

Solar heat pumps utilize energy that comes from the sun to power the unit. This option would be most appealing to people who want to cool or heat their home as efficiently as possible using only renewable energy.


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